AMT BRICKS preamps - FULL detailed review (ENG)

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Today we're talking in detail about the new line of one-channel preamps from AMT Electronics - AMT Bricks series. At the moment, AMT Bricks series includes 11 one-channel preamps. 7 of them are the X-Lead product line - it means an emulate drive channels of famous amplifiers. Another 2 preamps - are the X-Clean product line. For example, here we’re speaking about an emulate a clean channel of the legendary Fender Twin and VOX AC30 amplifiers. And the last 2 preamps - are the X-Bass product line which emulates the legendary Alembic bass preamps in the AMT Bricks A-Bass and Orange AD200 mark3 bass amp - which is the AMT Bricks O-Bass.

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MiLena Music ML-Sagittarius guitar --► AMT Bricks preamps --► AMT Pangaea CP-100FX (all effects, power Amp sim, IR cab sim) --► soundcard Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (through SPDIF) --► Reaper DAW. NO MASTERING!

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